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office fish tank manufacture
Item Code.



D215 X H215mm




All-in-one Aquarium

There is a pond in my small space

office fish tank manufacture

Let me introduce my friend.

Exciting to watch, filled with happiness to raise my friend, AMAZON Aquarium AMZ-1000.

The 5 essential devices for
the aquarium are combined into only one power supply code.

* Matches anywhere in the living room, bed rooms, offices and any other places
* The automatic heater function is available for tropical fish.
* Automatic filter and bubble function makes water life joyful.
* Super Energy reduction as a power saving product. ‘HIT Product’

New world on my desk. Integral mini aquarium.
AMAZON Aquarium AMZ-1000

* By the automatic Filter System, only once in a replacement of water a month is enough for the
best water condition.
* Digital skill specialized brand AMAZON Aquarium AMZ-1000.
* The Bottom Cover is designed with higher performance and sensual design.
So it is more solid and safe than the original existing aquariums.
* It has an interior effect and it is also easy to install as an interior decoration in living rooms,
bed rooms, offices and any other places.
Also it is easy to maintain the aquarium, that’s why the AMZ products are popular as a present.

LOVE of AMAZON Aquarium AMZ-1000,
perfect for a warm heart present, AMAZON Aquarium AMZ-1000

▶ For children to purify emotions
(or Gifts for children)

▶ Gifts for Lovers

▶ Gifts to a Friend as a meaning of friendship
(or Gifts for a friend)

▶ Gifts for parents

▶ Gifts for recovery to patients
(or gifts for recovery)

home fish tank


All-in-one aquarium

Digital watch:
It has an appropriate size which can be placed on a desk and it contains a clock
function which doesn’t need another clock.

Heater, Filter, Air pump:
the heater automatically adjusts the temperature which is suitable for tropical fish.
And the air pump constantly supplies fresh air, and the filter cleans the water to
maintain a perfect place for a fish to live.

Temperature display, Air supply display:
the automatic temperature sensor measures the temperature of the aquarium and
it shows the state and controls the oxygen function on and off.

5 essential devices of a aquarium can save to 1 aquarium!
It has 3-Auto-Heater / Sponge Filter / Air pump function.

tropical fish tank for sale

Mini desk LAMP

The glowing lamp has a beautiful color that makes the viewer flutter.
The light is beautiful like a mood lamp
There are 4 colors of the LED, do when the switch is pressed, 6 kinds of styles can be changed.
The lighting effect and the interior decoration effect are quite excellent.

Mini aquarium combined desk lamp!

office fish tank



aquarium light korea

It was introduced in media much time.
It became more famous after the media exposure.

Kids love it so much.

fish tank light manufacturer

Names of parts AMAZON Aquarium AMZ-1000

Feed slot : feed to fish by the feed slot

② Cover

Oxygen supply : Bubbles are made by 10 minute
intervals(At power-on operation)
- After bubbles are made for 1 minute, it is stopped
for 10 minutes. (The bottom switch ON/OFF)
- Bubbles are made through the filter

Filter : Bubble filtration

Heater : Maintains the proper water temperature for
tropical fish which is between 22 degrees and
24 degrees.
Lighting : 6 kinds of mood lighting can be used as a
- Recommend to turn on 12 to 14 hours a day

Clock display : Time setting display and Controlling
temperature / Air on / Air off

Bottom : right side: key1, left side: key2

Size : (H) 215mm x (D) 215mm
Weight: 690g
Material: PC/ABS

aquarium products Korea


* After power connection, fill the aquarium with water before operating.
* The body is dangerous when the aquarium is not filled with water because of heat,
So turn on the power after checking the body.
* Get rid of the DC adapter from the wall outlet when not using.
* Do not use a different adapter except the provided adapter.

Tropical fish breeding tips:

we sorted out common questions for you.
We hope this will help you to breeding fish.
AMAZON Aquarium AMZ-1000

Choice of fish: Ovoviviparity minnow (recommend 1 species of fish)

Recommended species: fish species Guppy, Platy, Molly like Guppy, Platy, are
hatched in the womb kidding. Those species give birth to cubs and those are raised
in LOVE YOU FISH aquarium regardless of the bottom surface.

Breeding amount: 4 female 2 male.
The number of females should be more than the males to lower the stress of the
males to incubate the young fish.

Selection of big fish: anabas fish sorts

Recommended species:
Kissing Gourami, Pearl Gourami, Dwarf Gourami, Angel Fish

Number of breeding: 2 (No more than one pair)

How to maintain aquarium

Installation: connect the adapter after cleaning 2~3 times aquarium inside.
And then pour inside the right amount of water which is passed a day.
Check the proper temperature (22~27 degrees)

Put the tropical fish in to the aquarium after 30 minutes.

Food supply: Provide food after 2 days

How to clean: pour half of the original water which was in the aquarium and then fill
the rest half of the aquarium with the new clean water which was taken a day ago.
Please clean the aquarium once a month

Breeding Method

1. First time using: pour the original water in to the aquarium and fill the rest of the
aquarium with the water which was taken a day ago

2. Changing Water: clean the aquarium after pouring the water into a basin
(Clean or change the filter cotton)
Fill half of the aquarium with the basin water and move the fish to the aquarium.
Fill the aquarium with the water which was taken a day ago.
You need to change the water once a month or change the water according to
the change of water quality

3. Feeding: feed the tropical fish once a day regularly.
(Feed regularly in the morning than evening)
The kind of feed is granule and flake.

4. When you going out : feed fish promptly after the trip(up to 3days)
Provide the same as the usual feeding
Provide usual amount feed even though a long trip (up to 10 days)
If you feed too much, it might die from overeating and a chain reaction might
occur making all the fish in the aquarium dead.


Model AMZ-1000
Size D215 X H215mm
Voltage Input : AC 220V/60Hz Output : DC5V/2.0A
Water capacity 2.5L
Weight 697g
Function Digital clock / Air pump device / Heater device
Lighting Equipment / Filter / Temperature Display