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Aquarium Mini Light AMZ-L13

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AMZ-l13 Aquarium Mini Light

Cobra shaped LED Aquarium Mini Light
Semi-permanent life of lamp without changing the bulbs

Aquarium Mini Light

Only a hand spans size!

Smaller the size, but twice as brighter!

Small but perfect!


Increased diffusion of light by using the convex lens
The bright light created by fifteen LED lights!
Efficient and energy conservative LED lamp which uses low electricity
Semi-permanent lamps no need to change the bulbs

Aquarium Mini Light

You can compare the brightness of Aquarium Mini Light with the original PL lights.

Aquarium Mini Light
Light cover of original PL lights. Light cover of the newest model,
amz-l13 27mm slim size

Slim Aquarium Mini Light AMZ-L13

* our product’s thickness are designed thinly which do away with rough design.
* Available for aquariums with a width under 34-40cm

Aquarium Mini Light AMZ-l13 The diffusion of light increased by using a convex lens,
which is different from the original model.
SLIM Aquarium Mini Light AMZ-l13 Anyone can settle the aquarium easily by connecting the adapter.
SLIM Aquarium Mini Light AMZ-l13 Available for an aquarium which the thickness is under 15mm.
SLIM MINI LIGHT AMZ-l13 we are proud of the tiny size which can settled together hanging filter on small aquarium.

Description for the LED Aquarium Mini Light

Please check the AC/DC adapter before using.
Please adjust the height of light not too close from the water in the aquarium.
Turn the switch on after connecting the AC/DC adapter.
*8~10 hours is recommended for sea weed to grow properly.

warning & caution

Don’t put wet hands in the aquarium of the outside part of the aquarium.
Put the AC/DC adapter away from water.
Don’t take apart as you like.
Inquire A/S to the store you bought it there is a problem of the product.
Please put away from kids and older people.


Model AMZ-l13
Size 265 X 50 mm
Thickness 27mm
Watt 8.4W
Number of LED 21