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Aquarium LED Lighting ALK-SERISE

Item Code.




In Stock

ALK-series Aquarium LED Lighting

Aquarium LED Lighting SUPER SLIM

Aquarium LED Lighting


The brightest Aquarium LED Lighting

MADE IN KOREA LED > 0.4W (2 times brighter than other company products)

Aquarium LED Lighting

- Power consumption is less due to use of eco-friendly and high-efficiency LED.

- Aquarium LED Lighting can be easily used by anyone because it is easy to install power connection and install the aquarium.

- Its old life is longer than existing fluorescent lamps and incandescent.(30,000 hours)

- Aquarium LED Lighting is eco-friendly product that does not contain spread toxic, mercury such as harmful substances.

- This optimal aquarium light makes you watch the fish inside the aquarium brighter and cleaner.

Aquarium LED Lighting

Item No. ALK-350 / 450 / 600 / 950
Power switch : Using ultra-thin switch (T=5.84mm) Number of LED

Aquarium LED Lighting Don’t compare quality with existing of Aquarium LED Lighting (ALL Aluminum cover)

Compare with others

We assure its superior quality ,please compared with existing Aquarium LED Lighting.

This Aquarium LED Lighting has an incredible 16mm slim design different with the existing crude designs.

The aluminum cover solves the heating problem of LED light, and also it adds a luxurious image.

16mm slim design Compared with Samsung Galaxy Note1 (cell phone)


Model ALK-350 / 450 / 600 / 950
Size 352 X 126 X 16mm

452 X 126 X 16mm

602 X 126 X 16mm

952 X 126 X 16mm
Watt 19W / 25W / 33W / 52W
Number of LED 48 / 63 / 84 / 132